About the Writer


About the Writer


Hello Everyone,

About the Writer: My name is Nandini Gaur and you all can call me  Naina (pen name). I am an imaginary girl with  big dreams and  full of enthusiasm and zest. I love listening songs, that’s from where my day start and ends.

Currently i am pursuing  my graduation from IPU University in Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication. I am big time food lover and exploring new places is my one of the favorite thing which i love to do (even though i hadn’t travel out of Delhi since i gain senses).


About the writer

Writing has always gave me a way to express myself, my inner soul. It just deletes my stress and act as a mood changer. I want everyone around this world to read my poems, stories and articles so i could tell them that how a teenager feels. Also other than binge eating binge watching movies is also one of my kind thing.

I am a big weirdo , who loves to do out of the box and weird things. My only motive to start this blogging page was to let the people, teenagers and adults out there know that there are people in the world who still believes in the sense of feelings. There are people out there who still have humanity in them, not everyone is cruel it’s just our way seeing the things that change the perception of society and people around us.

So amigos! spread love, kill the negative energy and be a kid.

Love Love

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