तू याद आया  FORBIDDEN LOVE

(BY : Avni Panwar Editted By : Nandini Gaur )

 तू याद आया FORBIDDEN LOVE Gallery Of Words

Love. Life. Do you truly understand the meaning of it until you truly experience one yourself? or your love been forbidden!
One sided love what stops it from being two sided love? What is a heartbreak? How does it feel?

Expressing someone how you feel and if they don’t feel the same way you walk away, yeah that is easy but seeing someone you’ve awakened feelings for, a strong admiration for and you could only think of positive things for them, wanting them to be happiest in life.

A happy tingly feeling you get when you see them but to watch them have all of that with someone else, hearing them talk about that other person and all you could think of is that you want to be in that person’s place. You want to be the one in their thoughts but seeing them having someone else in their thoughts everyday breaks you from inside.

But you can’t really do much about it because you never expressed how you felt. And maybe those feelings have emerged so much that you don’t want to lose them even if it means you just staying as a friend- a silent sufferer. You suppress your true feelings and just be happy that at least you have their presence in your life even it means you being just a friend.

Even though it must be hurting you but you  face it with a warm smile on your face.  Now maybe that is a heartbreak the one that you don’t wanna feel or maybe its just life because life oh well life can be very tricky.

Life is too short for “what if” have control of your life just go for it so what if it doesn’t work in your favor but what if it does? What if that one move could be your best move?! How will you know unless you try?
Life is weird but only you have the power to make it any less weird.
So, don’t shy away from taking a chance, Yes, it might be hard but it’ll be harder to watch someone else have everything you dreamt of..

 तू याद आया  FORBIDDEN LOVE

आज फिर वक़्त ने अजीब सा खेल खेला
मन की बात जुबां तक ना आ पायी
हाथ पकड़ कर चल रहे थे किसी और का वो
हमारे चेहरे पर मुस्कान के सिवा कुछ ना आया
दिल में दर्द था जो
वो मुस्कान ने छुपाया।

बीते पल जो साथ निभाए
दोस्त बनकर सब साथ बिताये
हाँ याद है वो हर पल
जब दुःख में तुमने मुझे याद किया।
दुःख आज भी है तुम्हे
पर अब कन्धा किसी और का आया।

काश हिमत जुटा कर कह दिया होता
दोस्ती से बढ़कर मेने तुझे प्यार जताया
जब अब दिल में है तेरे कोई
उससे भी ख़ुशी से मेने अपनाया
मुँह पर मुस्कान लिए
दिल को रोना आया
तू बहुत याद आया।

यह ज़िंदगी का खेल है
यह समझकर मेने सब कुछ भुलाया
बस एक ख्वाहिश मन में लिए
यूँ तू कुछ याद आया
याद रखें मुझे भी तू
जैसे मेने तुझे अपनी पलकों में समाया
क्यूँकि मुझे तू याद आया।

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