Ever been experience a phase when you experience something new, new sensations are felt inside your heart in your body. You want it more and more your body crave for that touch.

This is not lust, but something more beautiful than love much more above than love. That 1 NEW BOUNTIFUL EXPERIENCE of losing your sanity for good.

Love is innocent, naïve, magical and something which we can’t define with the combination of 26 letters. You remember the moment when you saw someone for the first time and felt that spark in your heart and wished to be the part of their lives.

Love is all around in the world, it has always been in the dawn of your life and will stay until your last breath. But, searching that love is the task we all have to accomplish.

This world is full of imperfects but there comes a moment when someday out of the blue you find that once in a lifetime kind of love. You clearly remember that day, when I was clearly acting like a drunkards’ at my own fucking house and you have no idea how to handle my dizziness. But more than alcohol, your touch was the thing that made me lose my nerves.

At that moment, I just want to lost in your arms, hold you like you’re the last thing left in this world. It was that moment with you that mattered the most and nothing else.

I have always hated the fact how you never articulated the things you feel for me but that day your actions proved every bit of the love you have for me. The moment when your lips touched mine was felt like the unification of two souls who were yearning for the unrequited love.

We were just kissing like the two lost souls finally found each other and never want to let go. When you rubbed my back with your hands, our tongue entangled, we kissed passionately and right at that moment I just want to make you mine.

You pressed your body against mine, I felt the warmth and smell of your skin, your fingers around my curves and the taste of your kiss were the only things that mattered to me. I want to cuddle with you like this for my whole life.

I don’t want sex, I want the things that led up to it. The slowly kissing then the passionate kissing, you hold me in your arms, pull me closer, we lie down, feel each other breath, and then the neck kisses, the grabbing, biting, heavily breathing and then to catch our breath we look at each other.

I want to kiss every inch of you and make you mine. Your hands set fire on my skin and gave me the sensations I never thought I would feel. I want to live the moments with you in which I would feel like that your kiss is the only thing keeping me alive.

And at that day, your touch made me so vulnerable that I couldn’t able to defend myself against you.

Someday someone will enter your life and make you realize why you never felt like this with anyone else.

Before I met you, I never thought what it felt like to look at someone at smile for no reason. I always knew that a part of mine has always loved you since the beginning.

And, now my heart is full of you that I can hardly call it my own. You didn’t just cross my mind, you always live in it. No matter how much time I spent with you, it’s never enough for me as I need your everyday in my life.


  1. Zunairahrose says:

    That was amazingly beautiful, a very nice piece of work there!!


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