Charismatic means exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others. Inspiring someone with words or saying is magic. It’s a next level feeling to inspire someone and change their  life. So here are few sayings which you all must have experience throughout your life but never paid heeds to it.. It’s time to cherish something which was left unheard.


  • “I don’t believe in magic” the girl said   “You will one day, once you will meet him” the old lady replied with a smile..                


  • Magic happens but at the right time and then you will be the most luckiest person..
  • FATE is destined which cannot be determined.
  • Love can happen anytime! You can’t control your feelings for someone but you hid your feelings from everyone.
  • Fire and ashes is equal to Passion and Love!
  • L.O.V.E = Beginning of Disaster
  • Everyone needs to treated rightly either it is by others or themselves.
  • Every guy at a point of time loves a girl unconditionally… So much that he is all ready to sacrifice his happiness to fulfill her dream…
  • Life is unpredictable to learn something you need to feel it deeply.. ♥
  • Patience is the ability to stay calm, especially nowadays when everyone is in hurry and want to achieve things in a go. Everyone wants to become successful & famous in less time. And then try short cuts. But when it results into failure or unable to fulfill desired goals, things turned against totally. You became more impatient, intolerant, causing more stress & filled themselves with more frustration. Which badly affects your mental, emotional & social well-being. It not only makes hassle life but also demotivates you. Due to which you also rushed into some bad decisions. Therefore, you must learn & practice patience.
  • Always choose to dream about all those things that fills your heart with nothing but life. Choose to dream about all those things that will someday be yours!
  • Flame of fire, sparky dusty and full of desires….. 
  • E M O T I O N S basically a 8 letter word with a deep meaning

E- Everything which includes

M- Magic

O- Obligations

T- Transparency

I- Irony and

O- Objectives of

N-  Narrow

S- Sorrow

“Everything which includes magic, obligations, transparency, irony and objectives of narrow sorrow.”

  • Everyone goes through a particular phase in life and among these is the helpless one.
  • Sometimes we took the people who care for us too much granted that’s its’s too late to understand what important role they play in our life… 
  • Sometimes things can’t goo the way we want it to bee and that’s from where it all begin.
  • Charisma of making things happen is magical!

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