“2020″- Alarming Nature!

“2020″ What is this year?


“2020”, this year had given us many signs that are red signals for all of us. Nature is healing itself as the homosapiens are locked inside their houses due to fear. It’s time for the nature to be fear free and humans to live fearfully. 

A question 7.8 billion people are asking to themselves. A year that has shook every single person on planet earth. A dark year to witness. A wretched breeze that it came with in our lives and is not willing to give up that easily.

So much has happened since the beginning of this year- forests burning,animals extincting ,sparks of WW3, natural disasters -earthquakes,cyclone,floods,volcano eruption that has led to evacuation of thousands of people.

Waking up to the news of our favourite starts passing away out of the blue and then came Covid-19 the most wretched horrifying disease infecting and killing loads of people all over the world.

A disease that has encircled the entire planet earth- a list that could go on and on. So much has happened in just the initial months of 2020 and god knows what’s more to come. What is even more outrageous is that all i can think of is bad incidents and no good.

We’re in the middle of October now only two more months to go to a new year and all we have done this year is stay in our homes scared,terrified, cautious ,trying to figure out what is the meaning of life.How much we have taken everything for granted,how at ease and carefree we’ve gotten over time.

A whole year spent in our houses just wishing that maybe we get spared from this wretchedness. But to think what has led mother nature to be so destructive?..

“2020"- Alarming Nature!   Gallery Of Words


God’s best creation,to which humans are imposing their domination.

Nature is shedding tears,
As creeps accelerated,greed and crime without any fear

 now revenge is what we are not able to bear,
Destruction of nature by humans is here.

It’s an alarm,go find a safe place to hide somewhere

does there even exist a safe place anymore?

Soon the world will turn into a death bazaar

Dead ones are disposed without a farewell,
Why can’t people hear the conditions sound like an end bell

The day has lost it glow and
Life has lost its flow.
Greed is blocking everyone’s sight,
While our forefather’s thought we’ll carry their legacy up right,
Some stupids are waiting for WW3 fight.

World is burning everyone can see but why can’t the situation permanently flee?
Lets take a pledge i think we’ll all agree
To those who think we’re just left to weep
Remember,nature is a beautiful place to keep
It can still be healed.

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