(Written By- Abhishek Dhar, Editted by – Nandini Gaur)

 5 Ways to Boost Ones Creativity _ Gallery of words

Some people think it is impossible to boost ones creativity but it’s now impossible but it’s difficult to some extent to measure creativity. If you guys don’t know everyone is a god gifted creative person in own way whether men or women.

How ever there are some steps that you can take to increase your creativity more frequently and more effectively. But for this you need to commit to making creativity a practice.


Way -1 

  • Allow yourself to be different even if is not accepted be different from what is considered normal you must not be afraid to ask questions to others and share your thoughts.
  • You may never know if your ideas is seen creative by others. Thinking in a creative way is basically outside the box.

  • Let go any notions that your ideas will be graded or considered right or wrong.Speak with your mind especially if you think its some thing that you would like to share with others

Way -2 :

  • Take some time to give yourself every day. Creativity is not that something get develop immediate it’s something that you learn and train every day.
  • No novel writer, painter, musician, filmmaker ever made a career by lying on the bed and not doing anything and ideas will do flowing in its brain.

  • They worked at them and learning the craft and coming up with creative ideas every day because it comes with creative work.
  • At first side to side 20 mins to your craft you can build larger time as you hone your skills.
  • Even if you don’t want to work in a creative field practicing creative things like music can boost your creativity in your life.

Way -3 :

  • Be curious look up anything you don’t know read books or learn skills that have always interested you.

  • Strike up conversations with people who stories you want to know the more material you store in your head the better creative connects you can make in your life.

Way -5 :

  • Get enough rest, food and water if you are tired there’s little point to squeeze out something creative from your head radical ideas may be less to pop out into your head, when you are drained take an nap or tea break to recharge because you will think better when your mind is fresh and you are more likely to be able to come with the more ideas easily.
  • Your brain cells needed glucose to work well. Try sweet chocolate or some snacks most kind of food contains sugar which will be absorbed by your body and will give ideas. So you must also not be dehydrate at any case.

  • Absorb a diverse rate of influence including those what are not related to your field ,when you deeply involved with things you  enable your self to become  truly creative.  Creativity is all about bridging the required gap for example taking influence from science and architecture. The famous novelist David   Foster Wallace wrote his masterwork Infinite Jest after studying Tennis, Drug addiction, math and science of light and optics. Travel is a great way to absorb new influences  go somewhere new and explore your mind for inspiration if you can’t  afford then go for walk.
  • Relax you will not have creative ideas every minute and every day. Don’t blame yourself for bad ideas as they are natural part of creative process. Just be trying to be creative each day and the good ideas will come.

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