(By- Shivani Pal)

Are you also tired of hearing “Do Yoga for a better life” or in Hindi “Yoga se hi Hoga”. Such kind of words are getting common in our day to day conversation, but are you actually adopting yoga practice in your life or just in your conversation only.

This is the stage where we all prefer to give up without even trying so serious. Everything comes with a benefit so is Yoga. There are several Yoga Benefits that can help you to excel your lifestyle and improve you both physically and mentally.

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 Yoga is an ancient Indian cultural practice where you devote all our senses to energy present within you. In 2020 Yoga don’t need an introduction as many of today’s generation is aware of its dos and don’ts. When all of us are bounded inside the walls of our home because of lockdown due to COVID-19, we had been restricted to go out for gym, jogging or regular walk to be healthy and fit.

In this time we can actually differentiate Yoga from any other exercise as it only demands your body and time to be a yogi or yogini. Yoga is a practice where you use your body to be a mentally, spiritually or physically balanced person.

 So what are you waiting for pick up your Yoga mat and start today, you are one yoga session away from your happiness. But remember Yoga will not give any solution for your problem, it will provide you calm mind, strong body and patience required to solve them. For all such results you should practice Yoga, but for how long?

This must be the question of many of us. So here is the answer you must practice it regularly at least for 30 minutes each day. Yoga is not a course or time limited practice, you have to practice it for a very long time to be its specialist.

And here is the time when we chooses to give up because we all are so restlessly eager for the result or destination that we even prefer to give up than to work hard for the same. There are millions of reasons depending on many perceptions to do yoga but out of all them what are the common one to believe on are here:


With this world pandemic of COVID-19 we all are very much aware of the word immunity and its importance in our life, doing Yoga daily with dedication provides you a strong and required immunity to fight all the harmful micro bodies entering your body to harm you. Yoga has many Asanas for a better immune system. 

  • TADASANA – Mountain Pose
  • BAKASANA – Crow Pose
  • ANJANEYASANA – Low Lunge Pose
  • SHAKABASANA – Locust Pose



We all are living in a social media world where people are getting more and more conscious about their ideal so called body shape and posture.

But we should focus more of a good body shape then the ideally accepted or defined that is shape that fits you the most, shape that makes you confident and happy more and posture that makes all your body part comfortable. Yoga is a practice considering different poses and postures holding for a repetition of seconds. Many of them are

  • Tree Pose
  • Plank
  • Warrior Pose
  • Downward facing Dog Pose
  • Upward Plank Pose



Yoga involves inhaling and exhaling all the time no matter for what reason you are doing it, you have to inhale and exhale continuously throughout the yoga process. For many purpose   yoga helps in improving the breathing rates in human body and also to fight against many breathing diseases such as Asthma.

Yoga that helps you to get a accurate breathing rate are

  • SUKHASANA – Cross-legged sitting Pose
  • BHUJANGASANA –Cobra Pose
  • MATSYA ASANA –Fish Pose
  • PADMA SARVANGASANA –Lotus Shoulder Stand


Meditation is the solution of many of our problems, it helps us to look what is going inside the mind of ours and study it carefully. Doing meditation regularly at least for minimum 15 minutes will give you a whole different hype to boost you mind and body.

Western medicine has questioned the medical benefits of meditation.


Yoga is essentially adopted by most of us to find a balance in our busy and scattered life.


It is having practice that teach us how to be calm, patience and mentally strong in all situation. A person doing regular yoga is more productive and active than the person not doing it.


Yoga provides you a whole new energy and strength to perform day to day works and be in action all the time.You become more aware and active when you practice it regularly. So what are you all waiting for hold on your Yoga mats and start Yoga today.

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