8 Reminders

8 Reminders

(By: Deepanshu Khaspuria)

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8 reminders that can help you to lead to healthy life. How can a smartest man on earth know nothing? I have seen an impossible wisdom on my social media account that made such an impact on my life, and the quote was “I know one thing, that I know nothing” – Socrates.


According to me “I know nothing” means that you might be a wise person with excellent knowledge in every aspect, but still you know nothing. Anyway, No need to worry… “You can learn from everyone and everything”.


One thing that I know better is to learn lessons from other people’s mistakes rather than making one. Over the years, I am blessed to have so many great people around me who taught me so many good lessons about life. That’s why I can also call such great people as great teachers in the field of life.


Now, what you will find below are the points that will throw some light upon the life lessons that one should always keep in mind before pursuing with their actions.


Learning these points are very easy and on the other hand they are very easy to forget too, but forgetting such things will surely sound as a foolish act to pursue with. Always remember these below mentioned 8 reminders prior doing anything in your day-to-day activities.


The main 8 life lessons:


  • Be Grateful

Always say “Thank You” To everyone and everything and be thankful to the person who helped you in needy situation.


  • Be Journal

Always read newspapers with your family, so you can know that what is going all over the world.


  • No Judging

Stop judging people. Just because their choice is different than yours, this doesn’t mean they are stupid.


  • Don’t Complain

Stop Complaining, It is just a waste of time. Either start working on how to make yourself more compatible.


  • Be a Leading partner

If you find that no one is having a solution of their problem and you know the solution, then you can lead them.


  • Don’t care about what people will think

If you find that it is correct for you, just go ahead and do it. Don’t think about others that what they will think. Just follow your heart.


  • Exercise Daily

If you can’t keep your lifestyle healthy and fit, then it is very hard to make your future bright. Exercise daily and keep yourself fit.


  • Struggle is Important

If you think that “I can’t take it anymore” Then you are wrong, Life is full of struggle. Without doing struggle you will never achieve success.

No Struggle = No Success


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