Are emotions always helpful?

Are emotions always helpful

(Written by – Abhishek Dhar and Editted By – Nandini Gaur)

Yes emotions are helpful but not repeatedly but not always.  As we all know emotions are important at a time to if somebody is sharing his or her success story or that thing that creates him happy so at that point its naturally programmed that we’ll congratulate him a smile on face.

This creates positive impression on the other hand If we are saying OK and don’t show any emotions it can even create loss of interest in talk with us.

IT’s a really popular line on internet once we feel love, we’d hunt down a mate and reproduce. Emotions serve an adaptive role in our lives by motivating us to act quickly and take actions which will maximize our chances of survival and success.

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If a boy finding a woman to develop relation together with her whether want to be her friend but you want to know that friendship is all about sharing emotions with someone’s are almost your heart.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions also are well-being, in part, because the relative absence of negative emotion. Empirically based treatments like cognitive-behavioural therapy is additionally focus heavily on the reduction of negative feelings and moods of person as a part of enhancing well-being.

Yet a robust body of scientific work suggests that negative emotions are essential to our psychological well-being.

Here are  examples.

  • First, from an evolutionary perspective, negative emotions aid in our survival—they provide important clues to threats or problems that require our attention (such as an unhealthy relationship or dangerous situation).
  • Second, negative emotions help us focus: they facilitate more detailed and analysis, reduce stereotypic thinking, enhance eye memory, a neighbourhood of me thought it had been easy for him to say that because he’s senior and he features tons of power.

But I chose to only listen and accept the advice, albeit it had been hard to ascertain how i used to be meant to be strong given the circumstances at the time.

He then went ahead and shared an example of how he was denied a promotion he deserved in his life. I can’t share the small print of things because it was shared in confidence, just realize it was a painful experience. So if anything, adversity knows no seniority – anyone can get hurt – and it probably gets worse the upper you go.

I may not have necessarily become resilient then meeting – although to be fair one thing that people tell is that I’m very strong. However it’s not about whether people think I’m strong or not, but really how strong I feel. That’s what makes a difference, and that’s what my mentor was trying to urge through to my head.

Being strong isn’t about:

Avoiding tears: just because someone doesn’t cry doesn’t mean they’re “> that they are strong which they are feeling strong. It just means, they’re not crying.

But they could even be broken the within as someone crying everywhere the place – difference is how one expresses what’s inside them.

Being strong is about believing in yourself: When things get thick, at the top of the day, you recognize you’re getting to achieve success – just probably not within the way you had previously planned.

So we must express our emotions with whom we can!


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