(By- Abhishek Dhar and Editted by – Nandini Gaur)

Yes parents are more responsible than you think  for their children on how they behave  with  other including respected elders, relatives and also they behave with respected teachers whether in college , school, tuition or they see them on streets , how they behave with them  depends on the moral and social knowledge given by parents.

GOD can’t go everywhere that’s why he made parents so that they can take care of their child and give them value to become a contender or a great leader so that their children can take decision on their own.

By also encouraging them to how to find decision and process of it rather than being a authorize and focusing their decision on their children.

As we all know experience whether negative or positive is the need of life so parents should not hinder with their children “experience”.

They are not always wrong as they help their children to get knowledge about their environment also people, how they can cheat them that’s called! Good knowledge that will help their child to become careful if that problem occurs.

In India ‘ our own country  when a kid is a growing kid when his age is about 8 to 14 years at that time the parents of that child whether he or she take decision on their own and don’t  let their children  to take it in any case “any how that’s fine , but once they are over 16 years  they still take control of their life  that’s called helicopter parenting which is  not right at all.

It will lead them co-dependent not self-dependent  as this will affect his or her future life experience or exposure that is need of that time . When they become adult due to this worst exposure it will let them to become co-dependent.

For egg if a boy or girl wants to hangout with friends at Saturday night or Sunday night at that time their parents won’t let them to go with them as might base on their experience they think their children are wasting their time but that’s not always the case.

If a person is talking with many persons in a day he or she is more likely to have good communication and also good contacts that will help them to get right decision, also to find right partner, friend, college, or even.

Like all colleges have official fresher’s party in college so that their students which are new in college can take advantage of that and develop a talk with senior’s and make them friends.

Also this thing will help them to get notes and all material which is necessary for future year also the good seniors help to solve the problem if junior is having with any subject and also help to choose right secondary subject which has more future in today’s world, so these things should acknowledge by the parents.

They should give moral knowledge to their children about their religion, so that their children will respect their religion.

If the life experience of a person is bad also depends on the relationship of parents how they behave with each other.

If parents are harming their child through verbal abuse or physical abuse that will change his behavior he or she will think it that’s how world works and that’s wrong thing. So, finally the solution is parents must understand the feelings of their child and be good friends.




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