BE-YOU-TIFUL : Beautiful

BE-YOU-TIFUL (Beautiful)


“You’re beautiful”, “Your eyes are beautiful”,  “Your skin is beautiful”,  “Your hair is beautiful”.. but what makes something beautiful? What makes you think this is good but that wow that is beautiful?! What is the thing that makes something good or better or full of beauty hence beautiful? Who set these parameters? Is it a set patriarchy?
So, What does the word Beautiful mean? What makes you beautiful?..

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YOU, it means you. You are beautiful. You bring meaning to this word. You as a whole is beautiful. You simply existing is beautiful.
Beautiful is not just about appearance, this word has been so much misunderstood.

You don’t necessarily have to be skinny in order to feel beautiful, it doesn’t matter if you’re chubby you’re still beautiful. It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have as long as it’s healthy. Having a darker skin tone doesn’t make you ugly,  having a fair skin alone doesn’t make you pretty.

Having acnes or scars doesn’t make you any less you. Maybe,  having extra or no facial hair at all also doesn’t make you more or less of a person. Nothing matters as long as you are willing to accept yourself.  As long as you’re willing to wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate your existence looking up at yourself and not down.

You wanna change, You wanna lose some weight, sure,  but don’t focus on the number on your scale. Focus on being fit, focus on being strong, focus on gaining endurance.

If you wanna change,then change for better. Change for good, change because you want to and not for others. Be your own motivation.
Focus on being healthy both mentally and physically.

Remember number on the scale doesn’t determine your worth. Your clothes doesn’t make you beautiful. Your race doesn’t make you beautiful.
You as a whole, you bearing a good heart is what makes you beautiful.

No matter how you look in the end its about how you treat others, how you behave,  what you’re like towards someone inferior, your way of looking at things,optimism. Remember, Beautiful is from within.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

So,enough of focusing on being skinny/fat or dark/fair. Its time to focus on things that truly matter: being kind, being generous, being modest, being gentle, being healthy, calm,  mature,  being helpful and become the most beautiful person in the room.

Outer beauty will fade away with time but inner beauty will stay forever, it’ll stay with you and in the hearts of other people.

The internal magnificence

What is the internal magnificence?

Many individuals can even fail to remember, that the significant pretends lovely body, however the delightful soul as well. It is difficult to have a great deal of wonderful garments, yet around then to fail to remember, that all we are human. What’s more, it is difficult to state, that one individual is better that the other one.

It isn’t correct. We as a whole are unique, and it is generally excellent, since, supposing that we were the equivalent, we would do whatever it takes not to create ourselves in the most ideal manner and we would not have any desire to transform us.

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The principle sides of the internal magnificence

  • At the point when individuals are exceptionally kind to others or creatures
  • They are prepared for help others
  • These individuals are available to the entire world
  • High IQ level
  • You can see, that they are straightforward.

What would you be able to get?

The magnificence assumes a major job precisely for ladies. It is accepted, that if the lady is magnificence, she can have a decent spouse and the incredible work. On the off chance that the young lady might want to be a model, it is should have been lovely, since everybody will see you and you will be popular.

Additionally, if the lady might want to get, for instance, the situation of the secretary in some colossal and acclaimed organization, it implies that she should be delightful, on the grounds that she will be ” the face” of the organization and she will meet many individuals.

The well-being and the excellence

Don’t you notice, that individuals, which are solid, are delightful? These individuals are appealing for the general public. They don’t have to utilize a ton of makeup or to buy costly and brand garments. They do some actual activities and simply eat well food, due to it they are lovely. It is critical to comprehend, that the excellence begins within you and just you are answerable for it.

There are a ton of definitions, which are associated with the excellence. For instance: wonderful life, normal excellence, delightful soul, which you can’t avoid the others. In any case, everybody ought to comprehend, that there is no need just to follow the others, it is expected to discover something that you truly like and to discover the meaning of the magnificence which will be actually for you.

And afterward, even the things, which are normal, will be excellent. We are certain, that this paper on magnificence will assist you with understanding this world better and will help you not simply to follow the beliefs, which individuals made, however to locate your own meaning of the excellence, that you will use for the entire life.

Remember, You’re Perfect and Whole and Beautiful by simply being you.


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