Because I’m a Poised human

Because I’m a Poised human

(By – Aastha Gaur)

At times I wonder imagine a scenario where we have the ability to close off the feelings we are feeling. At the point when we are pitiful change it to glad or overlook the feelings we are encountering. It’s extremely hard to disregard what we feel.

Individuals simply have the talent to make statements that can truly hurt an individual. Some of the time when an individual vibe dismal we attempt to do our preferred thing that fulfills us like singing, moving, drawing and so forth .

For me when I feel pitiful I put the music on the top volume and move until my legs surrendered it and this is the thing that cause me to feel loose. This sonnet is about how you have battle the feelings to remain solid. you know why because I’m a human.

Human Gallery Of Words

See me?

I’m s human

Made of flesh , blood and feelings.

Because of this you can hurt me .

You can really hurt me.

You can call me names . You can mock me

You can make up lies about me . You can hit me.

You can spit at me . You can make me feel lonely.

You can make me feel so angry .

You can make me cry .

You can make me feel so much hate and confusion ,

That I never want to feel.

But I’m made of other, tougher stuff as well

Because I’m human.

I am made of spirit and love .

I’m made of dancing.

Dancing teams up inside me with spirit and love

To make me strong and outlasting.

Dancing United with spirit and love

Throws all the hate and the mockery out of heart .

So dance with me to feel free of all the emotions .

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