Having a Best friend is always blessing.. you can share your ups and downs your high and lows without getting the fear of being judged..

And a girl having a male best friend is icing on cake. You will be pampered ,even though he will make fun of you but if someone else do this or dare to break your heart he would be the first one to broke that someone’s face… 

Even i am blessed with this blessing, And this special post is for him to say him thank you for entering my life as a knight in Shining Armour..

YOUR ARE THE BEST ❤️ AND I LOVE YOU FOR THIS ❤️? You are,You Were and You Will always  remain important to Me.











I was wandering in search of a Best Friend
I thought i finally found the one
Whom i was searching since i was a spectacle clown
From best friend i meant a guy best Friend
Who understands me
When I can’t speak what’s in my head..
Who can read my heart, my mind and my soul just looking into my eyes..
Who can speak before i could utter a sly
Me being the girl with loss of expression
I want someone who could read my soul’s variation..
Who understands my mood swings and my crazy ventures
And i think i found the one around
But a maybe always engulf my heart all way around
But i am lucky to have him
In my life and my stupid hearted crown
Coz he isn’t just my best friend
He something which i never wanted to loose ever
Cause he is special and mine
That’s what it all matters
He is my best friend
That’s really matters


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