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BTS- A band of 7 irresistible magical boys  _I_ Gallery Of Words

It was obvious from the gathering’s introduction in 2013 that they had something other than what’s expected, helped by Suga and RM’s experience in underground hip-hop. Fans frequently reference BTS’s first success on South Korean music program The Show in 2015 as a tremendous defining moment in their story.

K-pop outfit BTS are without question the greatest kid band on the planet, so it was nothing unexpected that their four impending shows at Hong Kong’s Asia World-Expo Arena one week from now quickly sold out.

Their prominence isn’t bound to one district – or even mainland – as the seven-part act are worldwide in each feeling of the word. Their story is necessary to understanding their amazing notoriety, so we should investigate the band’s sources, rise and significant accomplishments in the course of recent years.


BTS made their presentation on June 12, 2013, with seven individuals (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook) on the hard-hitting hip-bounce single No More Dream. From the earliest starting point they talked about social issues, for example, how exhausted understudies were being cheated out they had always wanted.

It was obvious from the start that they had something other than what’s expected, helped by Suga and RM’s experience in the underground hip-hop scene. The seven artists all mutual one room. Their name, Big Hit Entertainment, was a little organization inside an industry administered by the “enormous three” K-pop oligopoly (SM, YG and JYP Entertainment). So regardless of the band’s brilliant ascent, they made their introduction as long shots.

In any case, there were at that point traces of their future hybrid accomplishment as their first single hit arrived at No 14 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs outline fourteen days after it was delivered. Simultaneously, they got acknowledgment in South Korea as the best new craftsman at the 2013 Melon Music Awards.

It’s completely prompted this “Explosive” mo­ment: The single has sold almost 700,000 changed tune units since its delivery — useful for a gold record confirmation by the RIAA. The tune is rapidly turning into the band’s greatest radio hit to date (without a highlighted craftsman, it’s important), and speaks to a critical breakout past its target fans.

There are six primary ways BTS breaks with set up point of reference for K-pop kid groups to do this mission:

  • They every now and again compose their own melodies and verses.
  • Their verses are socially cognizant and particularly receptive to portraying the weights of current teenager life in South Korea.
  • They make and oversee the greater part of their own web-based media presence.
  • They aren’t endorsed to “slave contracts,” nor do their agreements have the difficult limitations of other symbol gatherings.
  • They will in general zero in on showcasing whole collections as opposed to singular singles.
  • They talk transparently about the battles and tensions of their vocation as opposed to introducing an amazingly cleaned picture consistently.


BTS Army is the most faithful fandom which has ever been seen by the entire world. BTS fans are mad as well as protective about their boy band and they all are ready with their arms up to roll down someone’s ass whenever they see their seven little boys into any kind of trouble.

The BTS ARMY strike online at whatever point they feel that the gathering is under danger, or that their accomplishments are being sabotaged. Two or three weeks back, The Times of India ran a BTS meet that communicated worries at the band’s rebuffing outstanding burden, with essayist Richard Lloyd Parry taking note of, “In discussion they seem to be brilliant, delicate, sincere and surrendered to lives of difficult work.”

This fandom so huge that people from all around the world are part of this huge and crazy fan club. They you’re a phrase known as “I PURPLE YOU” instead of “I LOVE YOU” to showcase their love and to make their fellow fan mates believe that no matter what, they are always their standing beside you.  

The Army is not only crazy about their favourite idols but they are generous too, they all are always ready to aware people on any social cause and social issue. I am pretty sure being and ARMY is a blessing in itself.

Here is my list of the top 10 BTS songs with the most inspirational lyrics:



Love Myself

The Stars



A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone



21st Century Girls



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