CHAPTER 1 Wingless Soul

Chapter 1 Wingless Soul

CHAPTER 1 Wingless Soul Gallery of Words

What happened when a bird who is born to fly but his wings are being chopped down? Isn’t it disturbing? Do you feel like chopping the head of the person who chopped those wings? I know every one of us must be feeling the same anguish.

A person feels the same when he is being forcefully detached from his real self. He is filled with the same anguish that has been connected from years of torment.

It feels like his soul is being taken away from his. His confidence is being snatched. Is he should be treated like this or these Meany souls should be punished?

Naina’s Pov

Life has always shown me different aspects which not only made me obvious to the surroundings but also made me lost. Complicated I know. But that’s how my life has been.

 Lost and found. I always wanted to fly high and achieve my goals but incidents tuned accidents and made me lose my wings. And now I am just a wingless soul, who still wants to try and fly but is still restrained by the ties of society, pressure and a burden named responsibility.


Let’s introduce myself, I am Naina Sharma. I recently completed my plus two and today is my day one at college for which I am pretty much excited as well as hell nervous.

I had always been the loner and clumsy one in my school surrounded by many but still no one to talk to, to open up to except my bundle of capturing emotions; my journal.

I know you all must be finding me silly like who gives such weird name to a journal….? Which is nothing more than just a bundle of papers combined together with a cardboard cover. But for me it is an important part of my life.

I brushed my hair and let them fall freely on my back, though my hair is not long enough but they are super silky and soft. That’s the only thing I like about myself after my eyes.

I wore a green top with blue jeans and shoes as nothing is more comfortable than these in this universe than a perfect pair of comfy shoes. I picked my bag which I had recently purchased from Karol Bagh and I was all set to go.

During the whole journey towards my college I was feeling excited as well as anxious. Basically I was day dreaming. Oops I forgot to tell you guys I have a bad habit of day dreaming and that’s the reason I live in a fantasy world.

After 1.5 hours of travelling finally I am standing in front of my new life which is going to start as soon as I step inside the main gate of this building, and here I am standing in front of Kalinga institute of Mass Communication.

Huh! Isn’t this name too long for a college? I don’t know when I will ever be able to remember such a long name fully. So I will be back shortly with all my bickering till then seeya soon.

Naina’s Pov End

She was never like this in her starting phase of school life. She was the bubbliest girl in her entire, her teacher’s used to praise her for her ability to make new friends easily.

No one would have ever thought that once a happy go lucky girl will lock herself inside the thick walls of self-proclamations and self-assassination.

Her life has always been like a merry go round, at times it goes up high in the sky and sometime it just take her down to her deepest shit. Her smile was something for which everyone use to praise her. With all the hopes she was moving forward towards her new life.


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