Chapter 2 FLY HIGH – Soar High

Chapter 2 FLY HIGH


Chapter 2 FLY HIGH  Gallery of Words

College life has always been imagined like a typical KJo’s movie. Rocking corridors, stylish clothes, students sitting and wandering around having fun with their troops and what not. But it is actually not like what we see in the movies. Is college life is full of same fun that we see in movies?

A young girl was sitting on her terrace she was having a diary with herself, she closed her diary and a lone year escaped her eyes. The sentences were roaming inside her head “Fat Nano”, “Isko toh mein bhen na banaun dost toh bhut dur ki baat hai”.

She always wanted friends who love will love her, but her bad fortune all she received is blame and taunt. She was still in touch with her very good friends Ritesh and Krutika. New college and New Excitement level that is all she wanted to think about but her baggage from past was making her emotions overflow. Yes she is none other than Naina, Naina Sharma.

She was sad, she was on the stage of her life, where she don’t know how will she react what she will do now? But irrespective of these questions she had one thing that she always believes in since childhood: HOPE. She hope that one day things will be fine.

She picked up her belongings and for the last time saw the stars. She loves gazing stars, it always gave her peace. Something that always connects her from stars, moon and sky is their peacefulness.

Since childhood they gave her the sense of happiness and felling of content. Isn’t it exciting to imagine different shapes in clouds and join the stars with an imaginary line and make figures and find out the constellations?

For the last time she see off those twinkling tiny but not so tiny creatures and left the terrace as she need to buck herself for college tomorrow.

Naina’s Pov.

Life was always predictable for me, but the difference was I could not see it clearly in a glance. New day, new life and new college was acting like a booster in me which was boosting my adrenaline hormones and making me react in this manner, in a certain idiotic manner.


‌I entered my class room which was fully packed with some well-dressed new faces. My heart beats are on their top exposure and I could feel my heart pounding out with excitement. The new environment is making me feel nervous and all I want to do now is to talk someone or particularly Ahana my best friend.


(Oh let me introduce you all to her: Ahana Kashyap, age 18 years currently preparing for NEET and wanted to pursue her career in medical. She have a sweet voice, in simple language she is a trained classical singer and her voice is magical.

I met her though an instagram fandom page, that is complete another story I will tell you guys about that later on. But one thing I want all of you to know is she is my soul sister she knows me in and out after saswati. She knows how to handle my mood swings and my crampy babyish nature. She is my boyfriend, “meri ahanu”.)

Ugh Ahana you stupid Meany creature, I will kill you.

Monster world, it seems like I entered a place full of lazy monsters who loves digitalisation. Actually I am partially correct we humans are monsters who loves technology and digital stuff.

Days passed so the weeks.

It been three weeks to me since I joined college.

My HOD liked me since the day one and count me in good students list. I am being elected as class CR, and most important thing on day one I was given a radio practical assignment which I loved the most as this is what I always wanted since I think about Mass Communication.

This one is an interesting incident I named it as THE RADIO JUNCTION

I was the only girl in the group of four boys and we recorded the radio show.

Oh! One more thing I made my image as a studious tomboy and now every guy is afraid of me, Hehehe isn’t it interesting. Even though I know that no guy will be ever interested in me but as you all know prevention is better than cure.

DAY 18


It was a pretty usual day but something was there to boost the level of excitements in first year students. FRESHERS PARTY, Tadaaa I always waited for this moment. My excitement is making me crazy, but something unusual happen. A message from an unknown number popped up on my screen.

I opened my whatsapp notification.


Unknown: hey

Me: hi whose there?

Unknown: I am Ruhaan Makhija, Ba (Jmc) 1st year we met during theatre Auditions.

And bang on I don’t remember him but I replied him with okay and we just had a normal conversation of few seconds. A guy messaged me, ugh I hate boys. Boys are just smelly pig with useless head that what I feel.

Sorry but if you feel offended I can’t help you it is just because of my past experiences. They were pretty awful and bad. I don’t know why I am getting this feeling that I am going to be in a deep trouble a very deep trouble and that too very soon. God bless me! With something good please.



Location: My House

Remember I told you about the guy who messaged me. Yes we are friends now. Very good friends but just online friends. I never met him as a person since now.

It has been one month that the college has been started and we never met each other because he has been selected for the fresher’s competition and as usual credits to my “buri kismat” I could not perform properly and the worse thing which could possibly happen is I am falling for that whatsapp guy. Yes I am falling for Ruhaan ughh! Why me god? Not again. I am not in a state to lose one more friend of mine.

Leave all this during this time period I made few friends in this monster world,

Divyam and Rushika such crazy peeps they are. They make my day entertaining, I love them. Again back to Ruhaan, I know I am falling for him but I need to stop this because this isn’t correct at all.

I again got a text from Ruhaan tomorrow is our fresher’s I am excited as I am going to meet him tomorrow.

He showed me his costume which he is going to wear tomorrow I will pray to the god that either he wins or get any title.

I know I am falling for him, I know I am repeating the same thing again but I don’t know how to stop myself.


“Khudse deedar karke iss ishq ka,

Dil mera kuch sufiyana ho utha…

Jaaane anjaane mein,

Mera dil uspe yun iss kadar mastana ho utha

Is ishq mein na manzil thi

Nahi koi thikana tha

fir bhi mera dil

yun iss kadar uspe diwana ho utha..”

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