Chapter 3 De-Javu – illusions

   Chapter 3


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Every person becomes the part of our life for a particular reason. Either they teach us something or they leave giving us something valuable. This is life, unpredictable but interesting.

Chapter 3 De-Javu - illusions Gallery of Words

Naina’s Pov

A month has passed since our fresher’s party is been over. He won the title of Mr. Attitude, yes that whatsapp guy.

During this period of time we became good friends. He introduced me to one of his friend Ahil. In this period of time I got to know about few things. First Ruhaan is a nice guy, second Ruhaan like a girl, third he is kind of weird.

I am kind off happy and sad both at this moment. Ugh I hate this mixed feeling. Oh I forgot to tell you guys today for the very first time in my entire lifetime of this 17 years I am going to watch a movie in cinema with my friends.

I know it may sound you a bit weird but I was introvert in school, so this is me the introvert changed to extrovert me.

Naina’s Pov Ends

Naina was getting ready as she was excited to meet Ruhaan. She left for the venue as she want to reach there on time. She was happy but something was bothering her since morning.

She was feeling restless, like something big is going to happen again. Even though she know that Ruhaan likes some other girl she was happy.

She was happy that at least she can be friends with him, because before all this liking thing she liked him as his friend. She see a friend in him whom she can keep for lifetime.

She reached the venue and there she saw Zaira Qureshi. Zaira Qureshi the girl Ruhaan like. She was standing there beside him.

Naina Pov

Zaira Qureshi, a slim trim girl with total white complex. Even though I am happy for Ruhaan but I don’t get a positive vibe from this girl.

She seems to be so sweet and helpful but I doubt. I am damn sure I can never gel up with her ever in my entire life. I passed her a fake smile and she too proceed with the same.

I saw Ruhaan standing near her with a 100 watt smile on his face. He look happy because he is genuinely happy but I’m not sure about this girl for him. This is not because of jealousy or the thing that I like Ruhaan and Ruhaan like her.

It is because I don’t get a positive vibe from her and the restless feeling in my heart is shouting to every ounce of my brain that something is going to happen today is making me feel nauseous.

I smile and shake my hands with Ruhaan. Divyam was standing beside me. Oh let me introduce you guys with Divyam, Divyam Kapoor. He is like my elder brother and a good human being, he was the one who made this outing plan. I heard Divyam talking to Ruhaan about going to a café after the movie.

We watched the whole movie in silence, or is should say I watched the movie in utter silence as this feeling restless is making me mad with every passing moment.

All six of us were now going towards the café which Ruhaan was talking about as his friends are going to be there. Ding dong Naina new people, new faces and new friends.

We reached inside the café it was completely dark with a soothing music playing on background.

There I saw three people already siting inside and sipping on hookah pipe.

Ruhaan introduced them basically the other two boys, Saransh Sehgal and Rihaan Arora. They are smart and funny, but they look mischievous.

We exchanged our pleasantries and took our seats and started talking to each other. I was trying to involve myself in phone because this is something new for me. Gatherings are something I always avoid during my school time.

Suddenly ne among them suggested to play truth and dare, I just hate this game. Ugh! Please god save me today.

Ahil passed me a mischievous smile, okay now this is making me afraid.

(Ahil Vedant, a 19 year old Tamil boy, loves to play guitar and my brother just like Divyam.)

Everyone was excited, I was hesitant at playing this ridiculous game, but I don’t want be the spoil sport so I gave in.

Bottle was rolled on the table and my heartbeat increased with every passing seconds. It landed one everyone one by one and boom it was on me.

Saransh gave me a mischievous smile, okay it feels like something is going to happen, and boom he asked me the question I was most afraid of “who is your crush”

I played this question very smartly by reply that it is a boy but stupid me never thought about that the bottle will land on me again and this time they clearly asked me about the name of the guy.

It feels like De-Javu, like all this has happened before.

Everyone were eager to know my answer when I silently whisper Ruhaan name, Saransh and Rihan were shocked, but they kept silent.

I guess Ruhaan didn’t heard it he asked me to reveal the guy name and I slowly took his name and saw his face.

Shock was all over written on his face. I was expecting the things to get back to normal like it was 5 minutes before but I guess nothing is going to be normal now.

Everything seems like a nightmare which I never wanted to face, but this happened. My instincts were right something happened but I never thought this big.

I knew I will lose one more friend of mine. Zaira Qureshi was all silent and was trying to show herself involved in phone. The place which was just full of noises few minutes back became silent with just small revelation of mine.

Ruhaan stood up from his place and left and I knew this is it, I lost one more friend of mine. This made me feel like crying and tears started crawling from my eyes I don’t know when.

Everyone panicked Ahil tried to calm Ruhaan down he left behind him whereas Saransh, Divyam and Rihan were trying to calm me down.

I never wanted to reveal this, never in my entire life. I didn’t expected the things to happen in this way and the scenario will take this type of turn.

I always knew that my life story is not less than a highly classifies Ekta Kapoor show full of dramas and lots of dhomtanana, but this was something I least expected specially something to happened like this.

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