Chapter 4 Flimflam –

Chapter 4


Flimflam, a trick or deception, especially a swindle or confidence game involving skilful persuasion or clever manipulation of the victim


Chapter 4 Filmflam Gallery Of Words

Sometimes you get struck into a situation where you never wanted to be on the very first place. All you wanted to do is run away from all the chaos and mess you are in, escape from the world and people around you and find your own peace and solitude.

Naina was also in the same situation after the chaos that happened in the Café, which she never imagined would ever happened is now the reality of her life. She had to live with it, face it every day and there is no escape to this now.

It is said that we should respect other’s feelings as it may feel nothing to us but it could mean everything to them! same was the case with Naina.

Ruhaan was her friend, her first friend she had always craved for friendship, love and care from starting and losing Ruhaan is something she never wanted to happen just because of her stupid infatuation or it can be termed as attraction.

Naina’s Pov

It’s been weeks that everything happened in the café. Many things had changed from then and now again I am left alone!

Behind with my sorrow and emptiness. Things happened and happened for a reason, but this time I am not liking the things happening the way they are coming out.

First I lost my all contact with Ruhaan, Second He and Zaira Qureshi came into relationship! Okay that hurts but the most hurtful thing is that Ruhaan stopped talking to me because Zaira Qureshi didn’t like me.

Third but not the last I do miss him even though I just knew him for the two month only but I miss him as a friend but this time I am not going to do something that will put my self-respect on the stake.

I saw him passing from the same corridor today but I didn’t go toward him to say hello. I saw him with Zaira Qureshi I don’t know why it is hurting me so much.

Actually I don’t know what was hurting me so much the fact that I got rejected again or the fact that he stopped talking to me because of his psycho girlfriend.

All this is making me depressed and sad day by day and on top of that I found Ahil likes Sanvi (Sanvi Malhotra a typical tomboy, she loves rapping and a new friend of mine).

So I had a new task to work upon to help Ahil and Sanvi as I think that there is some spark between both of them. As being a good sister that I am I need to help my brother and my friend.

Pov ends

Naina was in a low zone where she was feeling guilty, depressed and mostly low on confidence.

That bubbly Naina is again getting lost somewhere. She started running away from situations. Her diary is becoming everything to her and she is finding a way to escape from the original world.


Evening Time

Naina was lying on her bed thinking about something. Her health is degrading day by day and she has catched cold. Her room lights were off.

She was lying on her bed inside a cosy warm blanket with earphone plugged in and a soft song playing at background.

She was in a deep thought process which was making her feel bad and acting like a cherry on cake the songs in background with a little dark room were making her situation worse.

Naina’s Pov

This is getting on my nerves now. I can’t take this anymore! I need to take them I need too. I stood up and found my college bag inside which I found my pills packet.

Basically those were cold medicines but excess of everything is bad as we all know. I took out the medicine strip took two tablets. After an hour I dozed off into a deep slumber forgetting all my pain and misery.

Finally! I found my escape, I know I am going on a very wrong path but this feeling of being hurt is driving me crazy and all I need to do now is relax.

Pov Ends

As the days passed by the intake of medicine also increased from two to twelve. Yes! She started taking twelve tablets in a day which was capable of making her feel dizzy and mostly we can say out of her senses.

She used to travel and move around but at the end of the day all she could remember was how she woke up and how did she slept after getting tired.

Naina was trying to hide herself into a shell where she doesn’t want a single interference. Her insecurities were increase day by day. During this span of time she got close to Ahil, Divyam and Sanvi.

Naina’s Pov

It’s been two months I am on pills. Ahil and Sanvi are dating now. It’s been a month when that worst experience happened with Sanvi.

She tried to commit suicide but by god grace I don’t know what happened her brain start working at a right point of time. Ending life is never a solution I explained her. Sanvi’s parents don’t like me they still think I am the one who made her involved in things like drinking smoking and drugs!

Ugh! I don’t know how I am going to set this girl on a right path. What do you expect? A broken person to fix another broken person’s life. But being a good friend it’s my duty to help her and take her out of that illusionary world.

I know you all must be thinking how a girl who is already living in her own illusion can fix another. Don’t mock me! I can do it as my power for friendship is much more than my power of illusion.

Pov Ends

“Unaware of the situation that is coming on her way she was walking towards a death threat.”

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