Confusions : An Emotion


An Emotion of being misunderstood and perplexed.A STATE OF MIND WHERE EVERYTHING IS MISJUDGED AND MISUNDERSTOOD….

Between the dellima of heart and mind, the poets is asking herself that is she right about the things she is doing. Is she on a right path?, or just a random thought. Her heartbeat still beats for the one who left her, but her brain is still denying the factor of love.

The society neglect her at every point of time, they make fun of her emotions. Emotions that helps her to lurk for something.She knows that only ignoring these rants can help her, but she can’t ignore them. She is trying to overcome the difficulties but her heart is stopping her from doing so. She is standing on a crossroad pondering over something that where to go and choosing something is one of the biggest task.

Poet is confused about the circumstances which are occurring around her. She wants to fly like a dove, high in the sky away from all problems and solutions.She is like a meadow that has been changed from a barren land. She wants to sit a aside and explore herself for something good.she is requesting the almighty to help her, to save her from this situation.



Emotions that leads to confusions,

leading lines and diffusion..

Confusions are the main occurring

Am I pondering over useless thing?

Over the depth of heart and mind

Feeling and thinking the situations

and asking myself am i right?

Heartbeat that miss my heart!

Brain that work just by chance…

Says its just a fantasy you are living in!

Ignoring is the only possibility…

Can i ignore ? is the main reality.

Trying is the solution says my mind

It is difficult contradicts my left side.

Crossroad is the place where i am!

laughing on my fate

cause that’s the only way i have…

Choosing  is the Big word!

Choosing something is the biggest lurk!

Where to go? Where to fly?

Oh lord where am i ?


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