They always mess up your mind. They makes you feel like a football, that is being kicked by people always and often. Sometimes it makes you feel that you are on top of the world, the other moment it makes you feel like garbage lying out of the trash can. It is basically on you, how you treat your emotions.

Something which is dangerous and yet needful are known as feeling. We feel, sense and express our feelings to other. Feelings includes sadness, sorrowfulness,loneliness, happiness, anxiety and many more.Do let me know what you feel about emotions in comment section below…




Emotions of different states

In the bubble of happy phase
Sets off Something that makes me bind.
I am shuddered with the thoughts of words in my mind..

Laughing, crying and squeaking in excitement

That makes me profound and in alignment

Bursting me in numbers of delighted mood swings
Anguish in eyes making me flared in anger and rinse

Emotions are the one that evokes all the matter
Expressing solitude of my feelings..
Even I sometimes need someone
To mends my feelings…
Am I right in expressing what’s in my mind?
That’s the main thing that arise again.

2 thoughts on “EMOTIONS

  1. Sakshi Jain says:

    I really like the way the words are used it clearly depicts the emotions. Very well written.


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