(By Aastha Gaur)

In this super fast world all of us had literally forgotten what humanity is. We don’t want to help anybody who is in trouble because we ourselves don’t want to be out of trouble. We think that it’s not our headache to help someone who is in trouble. Nowadays most of the people don’t even know what is going on in the apartment next to them. But somehow there are still people who remind us from time to time that humanity still exists in this world. Helping each other doesn’t mean getting in trouble it means to build each other and to build the trust we have lost. This poem remind us that somehow humanity is still alive. Some people still love the concept of caring is sharing.



In this selfish world,

I am still alive.

Where people in this world,

Wants to take each-other’s life.

They kill each other

With bullets and knife.

To injure them physically

And mentally strive.

But to my existence

I can’t be deprived.

Away from this world,

I can’t be impelled.

I am present in everyone’s—

Mary, Mohammed, Ram or Roy.

To find me in yourself,

Take a deep drive

Into your inner self,

To be alive.

Do check for me

In your inner soul

Thanks to those who lightens my integrity

All good souls on earth

Who spread the good being?

 Revives me

Makes me alive

Because I am humanity,

And I am still alive.

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