It’s Okay

It’s Okay

(Poem By : Muskan Mehta)

Sometimes showing up is not required, you should and you need to express what you feel what you want. Whether you want to cry or shout out of happiness like a maniac. It’s all up to you, because it is okay to be the real you.


It' Okay


When I was growing up

All the wise beings in my life

Keep telling me all the time “don’t cry, don’t cry”

And every time I’d cry,

They would tirelessly try

To distract me with something or the other

Instead of making me feel better

That exactly was it is, that makes me feel sad.

And that’s the first time I learnt

How to deal with that.

How badly i needed to distract myself,

And forget the pain I felt

How I need to bury it away

And not to  show it to anyone else.

How my sadness was an inner demon,

That had to be locked and chained

How I needed to force a smile

Even with unbearable pain.

How everything was going to be fine

How being sad was a crime.

Later on in life

When I found people to love and adore,

All of them kept telling me

How I needed to express more.

I nodded along,

All the while

Not being able to explain “what and why”!

How I had become accustomed

From distracting myself from the pain.

I tried to make them see

How being numb

Has become a part of me.

But sometimes i wished,

That instead

Of telling me how it will be fine

Somebody had ever told me

 Everything was okay

To feel this way.

And not to be happy all the time

To cry, to whine and cherish the divine

And I really wish

Someone had told me that

Sometimes it is okay to be sad.

To find our inner self.


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