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LGBTQ Community Gallery Of Words

In 1969 June 28th, along with the members of the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,) community the male prostitutes and the homeless youth protested so that the queer people can be open about their sexual orientation without fear of being arrested. This community is jubilant in every manner that is honorable and full of pride.

The month of June, also known as the PRIDE MONTH globally has its own important significance in the history which marks the revolution of the meaning of Love and Life.


A feeling of satisfaction earned by the one owns achievements and accomplishments of something.

LGBTQ Community Individuals around the globe face viciousness and imbalance—and here and there torment, even execution—in view of who they love, the delightful way they look, or what their identity is. Sexual direction and sex character are essential parts of our selves and ought to never prompt segregation or misuse.

In most of the countries it’s legal to have their own sexuality. In India section 377 was decriminalized on 6th September 2018 we all celebrated love is love.

It’s been 2 years that section 377 is decriminalized but still in India the LGBT community is considered as a sin. Now if we ask why?

This is because of the myth that we all Indians follow. The myth what the society/ people will say about us but who make the society who are those people.

They are us if we want to change something in the word we need to bring the change within us. The society has changed a little as we can see the transgender community is getting a boost. 

They are being provided with education and jobs like the normal people are being provided with.

This is because old brains will shed there wings but we as new brains will fly this world to another level by bringing the change.



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