Long distance Best friend

Dear Long distance Best friend



Long distance Best friend

Dear Long distance Best friend,

Friends are the family which we chose and create. When you left, I thought things won’t change between us and even if they did we will work on them ‘Together‘. I knew this journey would be arduous but I was ready to overcome everything for us. After you left, I became recluse and misanthrope.

I had no one to talk, to share my sorrow and happiness. Things change weirdly and so our friendship. In the new place, you found new friends and blokes.

But suddenly, your behavior changed vaguely and you became this whole new person whom I didn’t know a bit. In that exodus, you found your new ‘He is the one’ person ‘again’, a new boyfriend whom you again think is the one who loves you.

Like forever, I didn’t trust this one too not because I was jealous, it’s just that I didn’t want to you to get hurt again and again and again!!!!!!

Every time I advise you about something I felt like it fell on deaf ears. All you thought was that I blabber all the time and maybe I am too much. My talking suffocated you that’s why you just cut off the phone between the conversations by making lame excuses.

But maybe this time, your so called lover took the place of our friendship, the bond which we created by putting our love and trust. The time came when you weren’t there for me when I needed you the most. Why? Just because you have found another person to take care of.


Our friendship had so many loopholes before but every time we healed them together but suddenly you henpecked me for ruining our friendship by saying that I wasn’t enough.

I was desolate and stoic because I was the only one standing at the same place where we started but you moved on so quickly.I wasn’t sad just because you chose someone else over me, I feel bad about one thing only that you won’t able to comprehend my real emotions and care and how badly I want us.

I won’t blame that boy because it’s you who give up and act unperturbed. But it’s time to leave because maybe it’s better to live like a lone wolf then living a life of caring sicko who just wanted her friend to be okay all the time!!!!

your’s truly

long forgotten best friend

1 thought on “Long distance Best friend

  1. Rishabh says:

    Wow! Your writing skills are marvellous. I felt the message which you tried to convey ?

    God bless you ?


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