Lost Hope

 Lost Hope 

Hope something which binds us and keeps us motivated.Before giving up and losing your one and last ray of hope just keep these things in mind, reevaluate or reassure about the situation again, pour your heart out, be honest with yourself and never give up so easily last but not the least ask for a companion support.

Sometimes Losing someone you never want to loose gives us the worst pain ever.But my darling don’t lose your faith as where there is hope there is faith and where there is faith miracles do happen. So just wait for your miracle to happen and spread the magic of happiness in your life.

The poem below is about a young girl who lost her faith in her superhero. She is afraid to accept the reality, maybe the situations are not in her favor now but someday they will be. Let’s read her emotions and do share your opinion what you feel about it.



Burning heart, broken flower
Her soul is collapsing
Bit by bit apart
The rains she used to love
Are becoming the source of hiding her precious pearls
Neither she could cry and share
This monopoly stuff..
Her entire life has become a question mark
Her faith from superhero just vanished
Once she used to love her sunflower
Now she curse herself for it
Her hope is lost in the void surrounding
Once she used to love him
Now she just hate him..

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