Permanent Friend : SHADOW

My Permanent Friend : Shadow


My Permanent Friend


Life is like a riddle, if you know what you need to do next then you can stand still in front of this society and if you can’t then you are promoted to the loser category. Some describe this fact as a normal fact and some describe this as discrimination. I am also one of them, a child who has experienced this problem.

There wasn’t even a single friend of mine in school. Seeing other people hanging out with their friends made me sad and made me realize, I have no friends. One day my mentor described me the meaning of real friend and also told me that person could be with me since my childhood, it’s just that I couldn’t recognize him.

A real friend is someone that always be with you. When you laugh, she laugh, when you cry, she cry. What actually startled  me is when I came to know what her name was, that was shadow, my own Shadow. Shadows are black figure which describe your personality. They say nothing but means a lot.

 Just remember that we always have a friend – shadow which, means us only. And we don’t need any other friend in our life. To recognize my own self I started to recognize my own shadow. I started to read my own self through my shadow.

 After a period of time I understood what my mentor was trying to explain me and what my life was trying to make me understand. Now I am very happy in my life, because I finally got my real friend. My life is completely changed now.

Now, I am a confident child with a permanent friend in my life. Everyone needs a best friend in their life but very few of us get the real friend. At the end we should make friends but if you can’t find the one then no need to get worried because someone is permanently there for you who will try to make you smile, your shadow.       


Article by : Shashwat Ralli

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