They Say But I Am Not : NERD

 They Say But I Am Not

Ever felt ashamed of being called nerd? Ever tried to change yourself because of the people around you?If yes , then you are completely wrong here. You don’t the value of yourself. You need to understand that in this era of selfish mankind Self Love and Self care it the most important thing.

Do self love makes us selfish? No it is a  complete huge no! Self Love makes you confident. It helps you to believe in yourself, your positive energy your aura. Valuing yourself over everything else is needed nowadays,and about being called as nerd so my dear Nerd is a beautiful person with beautiful hart and feelings.

They know what to show at which particular time. You must have seen the movies and series in which the ugly looking nerd drastically transform herself into a confident and smart lady,that what happened in reality also. Those who tease you make fun of you now will definitely regret about it sooner or later.

Just Evolve yourself, Don’t Transform yourself. If you will focus on transforming you will reach nowhere. Focus on evolving yourself for better transformation will takes place automatically. Keep you spirit high and whosoever tries to demoralize you just tell them whatever you say i am not any one of that.



They say i am a nerd
They say i am the curse
Teachers puppet,book worm , geeky specky duckling they call
But i know what i am at all
Wearing spectacles doesn’t meant geeky looks
Being studious doesn’t mean the book worm thing
Respecting teachers doesn’t makes me a puppet
Ya i may look ugly in looks but my heart is the real beauty within itself..
If all this makes me call a nerd then i am nerd
But hey mister your definition is definitely wrong because
I show my real self to very few people
I know who i am
And you are no one to guide me
Just mind your own business you
Because this princess is in the league of becoming a real queen…

20 thoughts on “They Say But I Am Not : NERD

  1. Divya says:

    U r a queen in ur world n our we believe in uh n uh will Be The ❤

  2. Barsha says:

    There are many iguanas in the form of human being.
    But, we should be real always and everytime.

  3. Jubaida Rahman says:

    You are beautiful in your own way.. No matter what your appearance looks like but YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.. Please don’t underestimate yourself & Love yourself ❤️?❤️

  4. स्वरुपसिंह राजपुरोहित says:

    आपके बहुत बहुत बधाई हो आपके निये कार्यक्रम के लिए, आपके कार्यक्रम की संफलता के लिए आपको अग्रिम बधाई।


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