Beginning of something new : New Soul

A new born baby or a person who transform himself into a completely different person is considered as a new soul. Change your inner self, evolve yourself in a complete positive personality that is known as evolving of a inner soul. When you completely change yourself from a person carrying negative vibes to a person carrying positive vibes.

Be yourself, stop pretending. Stop being someone which doesn’t define you suits you. Your self personality define your inner soul that is pure away from all hatred and bad vibes. Moreover start considering yourself as your top most priority. Self Treatment is necessary, it enhance positivity and develop skills.


new soul


Before and after
Early and late
Senses knocked
And i am awake

Let’s go
Let them arrive
The dark moon and the morning sunshine
Moon represents the scenere beauty
Sunshine represents the new rise

Let’s meet the new world
Says the new up rise
I wanna show
I wanna rise
Says my left side

My heart is being delighted
With the new girl developing inside
My heart is being fluttering
With the new thoughts arising in my mind.

2 thoughts on “NEW SOUL

  1. Preeti says:

    This poem felt like an ignition to start a new day with optimism and and Good spirits.


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