No Longer A Puppet

Don’t be anyone’s puppet, you are no one’s puppet. You have your own life and you can mend it according to your own way… 

We on this planet got a reason to survive, and do you still want negative vibes affect your way?

Obviously No! So do not let anyone poke their nose in your work. We rely on others for our happiness and somewhere we get ourselves buried in competition of excellence where we lost our true self and eventually what happens is we start to live accordingly.

Make your own decisions and be confident for your choice, words and actions. You should not at all feel the need to ask people whether you are on the correct path or not.

There are numerous of people whom we meet on our way. Some will guide you the way to right road while some come as a misguided book. By not believing in yourself and more believing in others decision, you somewhere give them the key of your life.

You start to limit your life when you are in the boat of negativity where you indirectly surround yourself with fear and frustration. Surround yourself with people who are worth for you.

Some are just energy-drainers who only wants to put you down. They just waste your time. Avoid such kind of people.

You obviously don’t live for them. You live for yourself. We usually keep our happiness bars very high and so if even something small we achieve, that does not makes us happy.

Make yourself a priority and do not let this society stop you.


Do not let anyone to control your life. Stop being like a puppet who just dance on persons demand. You got your legs to walk on your own, your hands to perform your own job. Doesn’t count if you fall. You now do not need anybody’s help to pick you up, Live your life freely. Do not let yourself to be bounded by this judgmental society, and do not be the entertainment package for anyone.

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