(By: Astha Gaur)


Start to love yourself. Pleasure of self-love is difficult to experience but easy to taste. We are never satisfied with what we have. All we want to do is we just want to make other’s happy even if it makes us uncomfortable or unhappy. People hurt us with their negativity but we have to train ourselves to find happiness and pleasure in every negative situation.

There are so many things we do so that other people start accepting us which make us unhappy and uncomfortable.  Acceptance is not only the main requirement it is not something which should be very important to you. You need to be true to yourself and then people will surely one day accept you as the way you are. Currently you are doing everything just to make others happy but when you will be all grown up and you will look back at that time you will realize what stupidity you all have followed just for the sake of foolish acceptance.


Truth is pious, faultless and pure.

Only thing we need to is find a cure,

Amidst of all the turmoil’s and negativity

We have to find the positivity

If you want to be free from all the hectic,

Just say the truth and be free

This is real ‘pleasure’ need to feel.

One day you will find yourself all grown up

And then you realize you missed all major happiness in your life.


Because you were so in thought about

People, society and style

And all about matching their vibes………..

Are these people able to give us back that happiness or pleasure?

Which you have missed just to please others.

Are they going to make things alright!

About which you will definitely cry.

Pleasure is in you…

It is in yourself,

All you need to do is find that.

And when you will find

Nothing will worry you anymore,

True meaning of pleasure

Will teach you many more.

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