Happy Pride Month

(By: Divya Taneja)


pride month

So it’s month of June known as the pride month so many people don’t even know what pride month is all about. What is mean by pride? Pride is the LGBTQ community yes you guessed it write homosexuality transphilic society. Here we all celebrate love. Their main motto is love. It is unconditional and cannot be bound on the basis of gender. Love cannot be differentiated on the basis of any sexuality, age, cast, creed or color. Let’s confront you all to the harsh reality though which the person of this community undergoes daily.



They are considered as cheaters, sluts, non- existing and confused personalities. They are always altered on the basis of two questions:

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

If yes then it we be like I knew you were straight. Yes you are safe and you are pure. But if the question’s answers turns out to be no then my dear you will be awarded with numerous dirty abbreviations. Then you will be targeted with these stupid remarks:

 “Oh baby it’s just a phase, you will be all right soon”

“Did you ever look at her? Did you ever look at him?”

“Do you like girls or do you like boys?”

“You cannot like both”

“You are only sassy because you are a ‘bi’”

Well guess what? Then they are sassy because that’s what they are. They just happen to be bisexual and sassy. Girls can like girls, too and same applies for boys.

Answers to unanswered questions

Are they considered to be cheater if their sexuality makes them different from others? Does their bisexuality defines that they can cheat? Besides why would they cheat on anyone? When they can barely get one person to like them. Are they nonexistent? Does that mean that they can do a crime and won’t get arrested because they don’t exist?

I am confused? The only confusing thing about this is why you can’t accept them the way they are. Why don’t people just shut up and do their own work. It’s just a phase? Or is their sexuality is termed as just a phase

Just because they are bisexual that doesn’t mean they have crush on everyone they see. They are bisexual, they are also human beings. They are also worthy and they are not monster. It’s their life they have the control of it, not you. They define who they are not you.

So how about you grow up evolve your brain…                       


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