Print Media Comparison to Electronic Media

What do you think about the trust and credibility in

media in comparison to electronic media?

(By – Sourabh Shukla)

Print Media and Electronic Media


“One major difference between the print media and the electronic media

is that print media induce your sleep while the electronic media does not

let you sleep”

                                                                             –MD MERAJUDIN SHIRANI


If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow we aren’t really living. When Gail Sheehy Wrote this line he never predicted that the change for news platforms and their way of broadcasting will reduce their credibility and trust which people have on them.

Nowadays when we talk about the print media it has its own consumers or public base. Mostly all the people who want an in-depth knowledge of a news story prefer print media over the electronic media.

It’s because the news reports in print media are much credible and there is very less chances of error than the electronic media.

You must be thinking why is it so?

It is because of the fact that the print media takes time for news reports to get published and at different levels the news is checked thoroughly. For example from stinger to proofreader and from proof reader to copy editor every time at each level the news is checked and corrected which makes the news story more credible and trustful. On the other hand in the electronic media there is a trend of breaking news.

There happens a race to break the news first. Mostly they do not show much interest in checking the news story as in electronic media each and every second matters a lot. They are much bothered about the representation of that news story on their channel or platform first. Also they make the news stories sensationalized so that everyone show keen interest in that news story and in media there is a saying that

                                          “If it bleeds, than it leads”

Sensationalization also happens to be in the print media. For example there are some magazines and news journals which always talk about the gossip and the chit-chat talk of the industries whether that is the sports industry or Bollywood or any other industry. For example they call Bollywood stories as B TOWN BUZZ stories or the Bollywood masala stories.

But in a long run if we see we will find that the news stories in the print media are still more credible and trustful than electronic media because electronic media will break or show that news story as breaking news without checking its credibility but the print media still got one day to check the facts, correct them and then publish them. As the newspaper will get published the next day.



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