Quarantine: Shocking Petrifying Awakening

Quarantine: A Petrifying Awakening

(By – Avni Panwar)

Quarantine: Petrifying Awakening Gallery Of Words

Petrifying means a cause to lose vitality or become impervious to change, whereas awakening means to wake up. Petrifying Awakening means to  not to get effected by the changes that are happening around us.

This quarantine period has been tough on everyone in some way or another especially for people who are mentally weak. People with anxiety or people battling with depression and before we’d mostly try to avoid it by staying busy.

We somewhat got moulded in the fast paced life doing this and that cribbing about not resting enough but when given we are faced with anxiety because we don’t know what to do or how to react to it.

Just finding yourself trying to fight these anxious or depressing thoughts because you don’t know when,where,for how long and what might trigger it.

Life has been the slowest lately and toughest too and i’m sure you’ve heard of the line “dreams act as a gateway from reality” and it sure is true. Everything seems steady and good.

But what if i tell you that the one thing you look forward to- a sweet dreams restful sleep, takes a turn and becomes your worst nightmare? What then? Ever heard of sleep paralysis?

What if you trying to escape from the harsh reality or you trying to escape from your anxiety all day meets you while you’re sleeping and there’s nothing you can do about it because you cant move. You’re screaming your brains out,shaking and quaking.

You can’t understand what’s happening with you. You want someone to help you but well while you’re in a whole different place fighting something.

You don’t even understand to others you’re just a person who’s sleeping. You’re just stuck,they say sleep paralysis is only for a minute or two but i’m sure it would feel alot like an eternity.

During this tumult, we at that point understand the heaviness of humankind, the ramifications of our activities and how we as a whole are associated.

While we trust that fringes will be opened, so we can return home in the solace of our bed, we hear the yells of evacuees stronger, we ‘identify with’ the individuals who have been removed from their home, and power to escape, we comprehend their torment and enduring in light of the fact that we know how it feels. 

We realize that we share just religion that is humankind, and this emergency is freeing mankind once again from people.The world is transforming, it is recuperating, there is promising end to current circumstances.

Quarantine is being tidied up, the balance is being reestablished, and toward the finish of this, the world will recuperate. There are countless exercises of humankind to take on from that point: bigotry, well-being, love and how to grasp vulnerability and make something out of it!

I had a nightmare and i was lost,
Disappeared from this planet and Van Allen belt was crossed..
Darkness was surrounding,nothing was there to hold,
I was all alone and it was hella cold..

Wandering in the space finding ways to go back to home,
And then i realised i was even out of reach of google chrome..
Then i met a ghost he asked what i’m doing here?
Told, tried to escape but dont know how i flew in the air,

I Said,i’m waiting for someone to come and rescue me,
He laughed,said c’mon let it be..
And my fear made me pee.
Again questioned,ever wonder what you’re doing here?

On earth do people show they care?
Wanting to close my eyes but couldn’t even twitch a little..
Sitting on my chest,i was gasping for some air,
He said its okay for he’ll always be there..

Don’t worry i’ll throw you back on your bed,
But he’ll meet me again for he’s always there..
Now,i’m scared to go back to bed,
Everything around seems full of despair,
Scared to my core wondering what if IT follows me again?!
My dream turned into a nightmare..

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