Juhu Rains

(by – Harshit Saxena)


Experiencing the reality of life in shower of rains. Doesn’t it sound strange? lets hop in and know the full story to experience the same.

juhu rains

Yesterday, I was going to buy some clothes because today is Sheela Didi’s Birthday, I was so happy. Everything around me was so beautiful yesterday. Raju, the Rickshaw driver was looking so handsome today. Every night I have his dreams like we are on Juhu Beach, the background music of Rajesh Khanna’s movie playing, our feet touching each other’s and our hands clashing into each other’s by mistake, actually not!

 By the way, I had a total of 1000 Rs which Rajjo di had given me. So, I decided to buy clothes of 600, 200 for traveling and 200 for some fun! The day is mild sunny, a perfectly romantic day. I wish there could be someone by my side, holding my hand… Aah! Well, it’s all about my fate!

Suddenly Raju shouts, ‘’Ayy Sweety!! Come here.” I genuinely have a huge crush on him. When he takes my name I always feel butterflies in my stomach. Raju holds my wrist and pulls me near himself and suddenly I heard Rajjo di shouting “Ay Hijda! What are you doing?! Have you gone mad?” I replied,” Nah Rajjo di, we were doing nothing, I am sorry Di.” Rajjo looked at me like I had stolen all her money and ran away.

She slapped me so hard that my nose start to bleed in front of everyone and dragged me so hard that I fell on my knees and they got heavily wounded. Raju came near to me to pick me up but Rajjo di shouted “O Hero! Go back! I said go back or else I create a drama here!” Raju was not feeling okay about what just happened. Rajjo Di gave me a big lecture about why I can’t make relation with any men outside because I am a Hijda! I was so badly hurt from deep inside my heart. Rajjo Di asked me to go and buy some clothes in the evening and dare no to be seen with Raju again! I went to Juhu Shakar Market to buy clothes.

I bought a beautiful lehnga from the “best 2nd hand outlet” clothing shop. Buying that lehnga was not very easy for me. The cruel Rikshaw-wallahs who were not stopping for me even after being vacant, the marketers who were teasing me by calling me by cheap names like “chhakki, Hijda, kinnar, Transgender!”

The shopkeepers didn’t allow me to enter their shops and even the boy selling water bottle was running away from me like if I was going to eat him! I got out of my mind and started shouting, “What? What do you guys think? Am I not a normal human like you all? Can’t I get a peaceful and happy life like you all? And Ay PaaniWallah! What do you think am I going to eat you? Have some shame, you people! Have some shame!” And as usual, everyone there laughed at me and went away ignoring me but I saw only one man standing there and listening to me and he didn’t leave even after I was finished.

I asked him, “Now what? You want Achaar?” He replied, “No nothing.” But still, he didn’t leave, he was continuously staring at me. I asked him, “What happened why are you looking at me like that?” He said, “I just want to tell you that you are very beautiful!” Deep inside I felt very good about what I just listen but then, I remembered Rajjo di and replied with anger, “You know what I am? I am a Hijda, A Transgender!” He gave a smile and replied, “How does it even matter about one’s beauty?” and he left. I felt like tasting the very first bite of the first mango of the season. His words were so pleasuring for my soul that I smiled for the next 4 hours, his words were revolving In my head.

On my way back to my house, it started raining and I saw a Rickshaw near me. I ran towards it and got inside and what I saw was that the Rikshaw driver was Raju himself. I expressed all my feelings to him! Raju turned the Rikshaw towards Juhu Chowpatty. We played a lot together on the beach in the rain, our juhu rains. We were slowly getting close, very close to each other and suddenly Kamal Bhau slapped me and said “Ay chakki wake up! Or else I will burn you up!
Otherwise also, what is the use of such body if it couldn’t fulfill the thirst of those filthy men out there! Come on, The customers are waiting outside!” And I realized it was all just a dream and my Hell-Life continues waiting of those juhu rain….

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