See The Good !


See The Good, this means always find something good in every situation. Ever experienced the feeling of being lost, the fear of getting forgotten and most importantly the fear of getting replaced and left behind, i know each one of you must be finding this extreme relatable. But have you ever thought why do we blame our-self for the extreme thing that happen to us.

Why to fear when your dreamy girl is here with one more experienced phase of everyone’s life.

see the good

People come, people go and that’s what life is all about.

Someone enters your life in an eye blink that they make you feel safe and comfortable around them, they pamper you and develop your belief in trust again and when you are about to reassure yourself that yes, that person is actually there in your thick and thins and actually cares about you, right at that same moment, within a click of seconds they vanish from your life.

They disappear like they never came and leaving you again in that black, hollow place where you can’t trust someone again. The thing doesn’t get complete here. After this what we all do is, we start blaming and finding flaws in ourselves but is it worth it ?

Are you blaming yourself for the mistake you never committed! Like seriously?

We need to understand this basic thing that if they left you, it’s their loss not yours and if they can’t understand you, it’s not your problem. That person doesn’t deserve your time, happiness, love, care and most importantly you!

Every person that enters in our life is like a new chapter. We need to start that chapter study it mark the special points,mark the tough areas  and figure out the outcome.

Like after studying every chapter we learn something new. Same is the thing that after meeting every new person we learn something new they give us new experiences.

If they leave you after certain point of time then understand this the chapter is over you need to step on the next one and remember the old one.

Life is a book and your are reading it. Step by Step you accomplished chapters and learn new experiences they can be either good , bad or worst.

So if your are going through this phase just remember this one thing in your mind that “Only a candle is used to prevent darkness” and you are the candle which that person refused to accept.

Your’s Truly,

Dreamy Girl

6 thoughts on “See The Good !

  1. Jaspreet Konke says:

    People leave for many reasons. Their interests change over time, their choice my change. Its their problem. We can cry over it. The lessom to never wait for those who left. Take risk of trusting people again so that we can find right ones. and being loyal irrespective of the world is temporary.


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