(By – Naveen Nischal)

social media


Social Media, an interactive way that facilitates the creation of new ideas, contents and to share information. This has now become a platform for most of the people in the country to make their career. It has managed to influence the masses by its unique way to socially connecting with others.

According to many stats, in 2020, there were 3.8 billion users of social media around the globe. The very platform is indeed very beneficial for most of the people. One can make their own particular content so that the audience can see those content and entertain themselves.


YouTube is such a platform where one upload his content and can earn money. This is not enough, there are many sites where one can run their own business that is called the network marketing and also one can have the patent right over its content.

Everything has their own aftereffect. There are many adverse effects of social media as one can face many cyber cases, content thievery, data leaking, online harassment and many more. Even the fake news or the viral contents, giving false information, obscene and offensive contents may create a problem in someone’s life.


Social media is such a platform where one could do anything, and due to this the cyber crime cases happen, the growth rate of cyber crime has increased every year. After this, if we talk about the major social media sites like Facebook, Instagram or Tik-Tok, there have been many adverse effects on the users by using this frequently.

Nowadays a social networking service has witnessed a massive growth. But some of the platform doesn’t contain any informative or interactive content. This has adverse effects on the users, as the patience level of the people nowadays are decreasing and this affects the state of mind of the person.

So, everything has both beneficial and adverse effects on the masses. We need to choose wisely about what we are required to see and make viral.

Yes, indeed social media is the most influential platform yet insignificant.

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