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Dreams that are need to be lived


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, organizations, places, occasions, areas, and episodes are either the results of the creator’s creative mind or utilized in an imaginary way. In spite of the fact that its structure is that of a life account, it isn’t one.

Reality have been modified to suit the comfort of the book, and except for individuals of note, any likeness to people living or dead is adventitious. The conclusions communicated are those of the characters and ought not be mistaken for the author’s.



Star to my sky, is an aspiration and dream of every teenage girl out there. It’s all about the real life experience that we relate in our day to day life. Changing friendship, love relations, family, peer pressure and career this is what every girl go through throughout their lifetime.

Star to my sky is the story of a delusionary girl who wants to make her dream life, her dreams to achieve her goals and her dreamy life real. She carved for the friendship she deserve, the love she deserve and the life she deserve.

Star represent the soul that is born to shine and sky represents the wide horizon of opportunities that are need to conquer. So star to my sky refers to the girl who is born to shine and conquer her dreams as per her perspective.


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UNPREDICTABLE, something which cannot be predicted, the thing which you cannot think of and the thing which not only changes your life in a moment but also give you a new chapter of life.

I always thought that life was like a movie. Everything happens in a dreamy way, well at least for me. All that slow-motion thingy, drama every single detail makes me imagine. Yes, my imagination runs wild sometimes. Well, most of the times.

Yep. I am a dreamy girl. But you know what’s so awesome about staying in the dream world all the time…? The reality doesn’t hurt. It’s too harsh sometimes for me to absorb. Pain, betrayal, lust, grief all this shit is too much to take. I tried.

Many times. To accept it, go along with it but each time I tried to fly, it was like I was chained back by those backstabbing species called Homo sapiens. I felt trapped hence to escape that, just for a little while, I take the support of my dream world.

Times change, people change and so the circumstances. But one thing that remains constant is our unpredictable lives is unpredictable situations. My life has also been bizarre so far, just like me. Experiences which not only made me experience the bumpy ride of a roller coaster but also made me realise how to cope up with them.

So here welcome to the journey of changes, journey of love, journey of friendship the journey of a student and student life simply the journey of a TEENAGER.

Every different situation leads us to different people and there start the new chapter of life. So let’s begin with the secrets of my life, words by words I will reveal new chapter of my life so here I welcome you all to my story, to my life as life is unpredictable and so am I.

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