(By- Shivani Pal)

Stay Focus and stay motivated that should be the mantra of life. Before thinking about the destination one must be aware of the path they are going to face at first place. Every success story starts with a willpower and determination one carriers in their mind.  Some called it staying active and other called it staying focused.

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Human body have a tendency to think for the best they can be, they have the best of everything God can give them that is a “Brain”. But then why all who started a journey eventually faced a failure in their life, the answer for this is not staying focused throughout the journey. You can’t be successful if you are not focused. 

Now many people get confused that being a focused one needs to be a serious one but this is not true, to be focused you need something else rather than of seriousness. So what are these things have a look:


Just like a healthy and a balanced lifestyle we must aware ourselves with a planned lifestyle. Try to put some efforts to plan your day a night before just to utilize all your time at a right place. Planning or preparing a schedule make things easier to remember and done before the deadlines.



Use your night or before sleeping time to plan things for the next day, this will help you to stay focused throughout the day and to  the things you have to do before time ends. Many people will find it a bit boring to plan tasks in advance and prefer to go with the flow but they must aware that there is a difference between going with the flow and going with a plan and there consequences.


We all have distractions in life no matter how focused or disciplined person you are as a person. But the point to be noticed here is how to abolish them and stay clear minded. Eliminating distraction will helps you to have a proper list of the best you have to work on and staying away from the things with no benefits.


So how can you abolish them of? The answer for this is through a        planning with a clear mind full of all the gain and loss of your actions. One such example of today’s generation common distraction is “Mobile Phones”.

Mobile phones are being a common distraction for today’s lifestyle, as most of our works and data we carry in them, it is very common to check, scroll social media or investing time in applications for absolutely no reason. So to practice focused mind we must practice banishing all our distractions first.


While planning eliminating and practicing focus, we all must try to work more on the things that bother you the most. This can be anything a topic in your classroom, a step in dance room, a rhythm in a music session or anything. Working on the hard side first will give you an opportunity to explore or learn new things.

As said by Moliere that “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it “. Obstacle usually leads to the greatest discovery ever happens so When you stared focusing on the hard side first you will allow yourself to find new things in the path or if not then don’t forget. Failure are the best teachers of your journey.


While walking in the path and working on obstacles there are chances that with new path arrivals and success one can easily forget the ultimate goal of the journey. So you should keep your mind aware of the goals that motivated you to start at first place. Even after small success you should not forget the actual goal.

 As a human nature it is very common to get comfortable with the present situation and chill. In new generation it is easy and comfortable to Netflix and Chill then to actually work and make things happen. So to be successful with the actual goal you need to be aware of the small and big parts of the game.


It is very important for a human mind to regenerate the real energy time to time just to ignore the laziness in action.

To practice this step you can go on a trip or tour, plan family or friends gathering, can do Netflix and chill, listen to your favorite music, spend time with yourself , read books, practice self love  or anything that helps you to relax and regenerate your original energy. This step varies from person to person as we all are different from each other but the result should  be some in all the cases that is to relaxed and get back to track with the original energy.

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