The Story Of Lost Angel : Broken Angel and faulty compass  thriving to find new direction in this big world. 

But the story is not completed yet.. read below the beautiful line and you will know how she evolved.


Story Of Lost Angel

She had a beautiful smile
She always drizzle and shine
Her love was pure
Her heart was a small child
Munching chocolates
And adoring her flicks
She craves for love
She craves for him…
She is beautiful
She is strong
A little girl
Wanted a beautiful human

And she finally met him
Her dream came true
She gave her heart
Out of blue..
Maybe it was a fling
Maybe it was something wrong
Her bubble of love
Lasted just for few months..
She tried keeping things
But her insecurity gave up
The dream man left
And never showed up

She wasn’t over him
Even after starting her new life
Something nor the other thing
Made her hopes alive..
Her once upon a time man of love
Is now someone’s best part of life..
Her impractical nature
Is making her deny
Deny the fact , deny the truth
She still wants him
She is now the Brooke
Her love has taken the place of jealousy altogether

And someone who used to love her
Is in a great terror
Terror of her hurting herself
Terror that she doesn’t hate
Who was once his man…
She will learn
She will grow
That’s how what he really hope
Happy with someone he always wanted to be
Dreaming his future
With his present being…


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