The Girl in White Saree X 1 Dreamy Delight

The Girl in White Saree X 1 Dreamy Delight

(BY : Avni Panwar, Editted By : Nandini Gaur)


The Girl in White Saree! Who Was She? Has it ever happened to you, you’re out somewhere enjoying your time just chilling or walking in leisure and then out of nowhere you saw something or someone that just grabs your attention and you just can’t stop thinking about them and all you see yourself doing is gaze at them, embrace their entire existence and you get nervous just by looking at them.

Whenever you look at them or even think about them a tingly feeling or a sensation is there within you, because maybe you start liking them so much or even better love-at-first-sight?

Although the person is a complete stranger you somehow develop such strong feelings and all you think about is that one stranger you saw out of the blue and now they live in your memory.


The Girl in White Saree Gallery Of Words

A typical Friday night

Enjoying a party at my friend’s house, meeting some old friends and some new, loud music in the background and there I was sitting at a corner, strolling my eyes around then suddenly I saw her the girl in white saree.

Dark and thick hair tied expertly in a bun and a fresh blossomed garland of gajra wrapped flawlessly around it no less than an icing on a cake. There was something mischievous about her something that distinguished her from everyone present in that room.

I couldn’t see her face as she was standing with her back towards me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her even though her face was not visible to me. She left me anxious and curious. I wanted to know more about her and yet she had no clue that I even exist.

It was just a matter of time when she turned around and there she was with a dazzling smile and milky skin.

 She was so much more than what I imagined her to be.


I saw her face, noticed each and very details of her body. She had nice curves and her saree was perfectly draped around her body. The longing in my eyes were clearly visible.

Her skin was so radiant and clear, it was no less than a diamond and her cherry red lips were complementing her skin tone very well.

Her big and brown and dove like eyes were so much captivating that you could get lost in them for centuries. I can look into her eyes for the rest of my life without getting bored of them as they were so deep. Every time she would smile with her head bowed down and her hand covering half of her face you’d find yourself smiling too like a complete idiot.

Carrying herself with such poise and delicacy she was more than just a beautiful white saree girl. She had an aura of something subtle yet capable of spinning your head around.

I forgot my surrounding, my whole attention was on her and everything feels like it faded away in a blink of second.

The girl in the white saree.

Simple yet so much more.

She left the party waving her hands towards the host of the party and this was the moment that made me come out of my lala! Land.

My heart was pounding so fast, my hands became clammy and all I could think was her.

Few question ran inside me, who was she? And will I be able to meet her again.

The Girl In White Saree!

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