The Grim Truth Of Personage

The Grim Truth Of Personage

Grim Of Life Circle.....


“L.I.F.E” it is just a 4-letter word, but it is not just a mere word, it is about every individual that has its own perception and a peculiar approach of living their life. There’s always been a grim truth in an individual life. Every living being always in every juncture escapes from the reality or just don’t accept that reality. The peculiar approach makes a person dicey towards many decisions in life. Every individual has their own past and some moments which just disappeared in the air. So, one becomes a person who cry over split milk”, also one gets stuck in their realm and the growth instead of a physical growth also get stuck somewhere.

Due to this, a person misinterprets things and sometimes the other person as well, as well as in many situations a person starts blaming themselves. After all this occurrence in life, a person tries to escapes from the reality, the reality of their life, they start making their relationships and try to socialize themselves and just don’t accepts the grim truth of their life!

But instead of it, every person should accept the reality of their life or else a person may stuck on a thing for their whole life. It may lead the person into depression or create the problem of anxiety issue. But once in a blue moon, it is good to escape the harsh reality of life, if the reality becomes a nightmare it will itself become a severe problem for the person. It is good to have a different approach towards life, but one should not have a perception or a misinterpretation for someone or something.

The grim truth of personage is the harsh reality in the life of a person’s life.


Article By : Naveen Nischal

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