A Lost Childhood

              A Lost Childhood

                         (By: Aastha Gaur)

Today many children are going through hard times, they do so much of hard work to contribute in their family earnings. Some of them go through a lot more than what they deserve and they never come on face to tell what they have been going through. This poem is about a child who is telling his life tragedies and how he lost his phase of innocence, his childhood. This poem is inspired by a story that I read online.


Childhood Lost


Lost Childhood

I am one of three,

I have two siblings one younger and one older than me.

As we grow up our life became sad,

Living at home with our mom and dad.

We only had little money and little food,

          He spent it all and come home in a bad mood.

The teachers at my school always praised me,

How well I am in studies and spree!

They should have known the secrets I hide.


Under my triumph smile…

How many pairs of glasses a women can break?

The bruises, the marks, her life at stake,

That is why we slept out in other room at night.

For us it was safer, so we used to take a plight.

Away from the man supposed to be protect,

Out into darkness, did anyone ever suspect?

If we ever stayed inside.


No one know what it could mean,

Beating my mum would be heard or seen.

I always envied my friends,

they have happy life,

With dad’s who actually loved their wives.


I am older now, having kids of my own.

My dad is 67 and now he lives alone,

He lost his kids, his home and his wife.

He is dying out of loneliness,

And losing his life.

He is no longer scary,

 And no longer bad.

He is a grandpa,

 who is crying but he is still my dad.

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