(By – Ritika Upmanyu )



To Dear Someone Who Enters My Life Unexpectedly,

Starting Phase

College, a place where people come and go like wind, no one knows whom to count on. Being an introvert in school, i decided to rock my college life and planned everything. But trust me, people were more ridiculous than i ever thought them to be. But somehow, i learnt to survive this life too but of course, i can’t do all the fun alone, i planned before. Unexpected love.

And, when you least expect (Unexpected) someone to enter your life, just like that you came into mine. Unaware of everything, you showed up like a comrade whom i actually needed. But to be true, my first impression on you was really weird, like i really thought how can someone be so shy? But whatever we met, we talked, we got to know each other. From playing online games to sharing our playlist, you became an inevitable part of life.

Oblivion Love

Love is like an oblivion, we can’t decide when to love, whom to love and how to love. Like every other boy, you also did the dumbest thing of leaving hints about your feelings. Your behavior also gave me an inkling about your feelings. Somewhere, i knew that we’re perfect for each other but sometimes i think i don’t deserve you at all.

And after months of waiting, I realized that you’re taking too much time to say the things you should have said earlier. I wasn’t sure what would be my answer but i just want you to say it. And after putting screws on you, you finally articulated your feelings.

It’s been few months of our togetherness. I always get anxious whenever you try to talk future. The fear of losing you arouse in my heart because of uncertainties and differences of our lives.

Despite knowing that we have dicey future together, you immensely loved me. I don’t know what future holds for us but there’s one thing i’m sure about is that no one’s going to fill your gap ever in my life. Your place is forever yours.

And presently, i don’t want to think too much about everything otherwise i will mess up the most beautiful thing, this life has given me in so many years.

I don’t believe in soulmates but i do believe that if two people love each other, they can make things work if they work on them together.

Let’s take things slow for now on, let’s enjoy all the time we have now, let’s create as many as happy memories we can, so that in future we will smile whenever we look back at the time we spent together.

I know i am too much to handle but i also know that you’re the only one who can do this.

Even in future, if i ever try to distance yourself from me, just remember i will still love you the same, Now and Forever.

Yours Dreamy Girl


  1. Damon says:

    good story pretty convencing and every sentence every word is used perfectly. If we talk about rating then I would give 10/10, nice work keep it up ?


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