Unknown Feelings..


Imagine a girl having feelings for a guy and she herself doesn’t know about it, she herself doesn’t know  whether she feels for him or not. Unknown to the fact that she must be falling for him bit by bit and day by day all she can do is, just admire him. Unknowingly she is falling in some Unknown Feelings of love,care and magic.


Nowadays this situation is seen commonly between one or the other group of friends. They fall in love with each other but term that love as care. Misleading your brain won’t help you,but accepting your feelings can. sometimes we realize our feelings in time but neglect them as we don’t want to loose the person from our life. A continuous baggage and burden of hiding our feelings from the other person makes us feel sad and depressed. So, hurry up realize what you feel and if you had already realized then my darling fellow please go ahead and confess.


unknown feelings


Oblivion to all the thoughts of my mind,
My heart was rushing towards his big smile…
His attitude, personality and his carefree nature,

I was getting pulled by his magnetic vibes…
He was like a sea calm yet dangerous!
He is a total different personality,
With extravagant aura and gesture…

My heart was falling for him,
With warmth and kindness…
I don’t know whether i am falling for him,
Or  it’s just another flingy blindness…

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