Wake Up

        WAKE UP


Quarantine or lock down we can say this pandemic has came in our life to teach us many lesson and to heal our mother earth. Many of us must be frustrated and irritating sitting at our homes and doing nothing, but to heal ourselves from this boredom and stress of not be able to do anything i have some suggestions for you guys :

  • divide your time into some productive things rather than slouching on bed and couch.
  • Use this time to find the hidden talent in yourself, there must be be something hidden talent inside you that you  can excel.
  • Learn cooking , be it a boy or a girl everyone need to to basic cooking as it is essential part of lifestyle. So grab your aprons and ask you mom to teach you to make some yummy, delicious snacks.
  • Painting is always a stress buster. Splashing colors on a sheet of paper and creating a masterpiece out of it 
  • Binge watching is not good for eye sight but you can at-least have a look on some amazing movies or web-series an hour a day.
  • Mobile games can be fum but playing board games with your family would be more interesting.
  • Getting knowing about your family ancestral truths, i can bet you they would be super amazing and interesting to know.
  •  Studying  is also important as after lock-down will be over exams would be standing there to knock you off.
  • Make videos and spread awareness

One more important thing help the needy and poor people as the country may starve from hunger in upcoming days. Helps birds, dogs and animals provide them food they also feel hungry. 

Wake Up


Wake up
And look around
Silent tunes are humming around
Wake up
And look around
Mankind is making things around
Wake up
And look around
Soft hymn and music profound
Wake up
And roam around
Observe the surroundings
Be the clown
Spread positivism all around
Wake up
And be the count
Be the social changer
Become the crown
Wake up and shine around.

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