Yeah I have hair on my face

Yeah I have hair on my face

(By : Muskan Mehta Edited and Changes by : Nandini Gaur)

Yes i have hair on my face



Many people have hair growth on all the parts of their body. This is known as hirsutism. It’s caused by excess hormones called androgen. Due to this excess of hair are grown on the body or face of a person. For women, the hair may grow in places where men often have a lot of hair, but women often don’t. This includes the upper lip, chin, chest, and back.


The definition of beautiful is generalized by many people in different ways. Being beautiful mean showing the real you, rather than measuring yourself according to the parameter of beauty which is being designed by those who call themselves to be the specialist in defining what is beauty.

It is all about the pressures put on women to abide by these beauty rules to feel accepted, this is why body hairs are considered to be the statement of impureness in women rather than beauty. And to cover their so called imperfectness these people out their ran into salon and waste huge amount of money in different treatment and sessions.


Do you realize how much painful it is to get your face hair waxed off or pinched out using a thread? Probably not, because if you know about the pain and how much that hurt, you might think twice before questioning about their femininity.

Do you know why they have hair on their face? Because their hormones are fucked up. Hormonal imbalance can’t be controlled by anyone. Is it right calling them wolverine, or more manly than their boyfriend or questioning them if I they are actually a women or man?


Just because of their hormonal imbalance they need to face these harsh questions which not only affect their mental health but also made them feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

Even though it hurts to get their hair pull out from their skin, they do so. Do you know why? Because to make themselves look beautiful (which is been defined wrongly by others). It hurts more when you are being called by different shitty names and you become a source of their fun and time pass.

They can’t take your jokes in a stride. Because all their life they are made fun about that and called by names like baby gorilla. They are bullied for that. They are been ostracized because of their hormonal disruption. All of them are made to believe that they are not beautiful.


When a girl was asked about what she feels about this this is what she said “I have been told by many of my friends that – you are good looking and you do have great facial features just you need to maintain your excess hair growth.  To these people out there all I want to convey them is you all can carry on making jokes about my face and making fun of me. I am not ashamed of myself if I don’t fit in the frames of the femininity that you created. I’m done trying to appease people, trying to fit in their community. I believe in what I am and  I love myself  the way I am”



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