Your Flaws Are Beautiful

Your Flaws Are Beautiful


Your Flaws Are Beautiful


Yes, I’m Woman! I push the door that clearly say pull, I laugh harder when I try to explain why I am laughing, I cry my heart out when I am angry, I walk into the kitchen and forget why I was there , I don’t have an amazing body.


I am much far away from being considered as “Perfect“. But that’s OK, I am quite satisfied with myself. If you want to succeed in life you should accept all your flaws and love yourself. By being confident with yourself you can achieve anything in life. You get this one life, do you still want to live in regret that you don’t have this and you don’t have that? Stay happy with what you have. Personal satisfaction is all that is needed. If you do something confidently you will be proud of it. First accept to love yourself and stay happy in what you have and how much you have. Nobody is perfect! I repeat NOBODY! While one is Dusky other is Fair, one is healthy other is skinny.


You might have heard this that beauty comes from within the soul. What does it exactly mean?


It means that


Your flaws are your beauty


Flaws are the only thing that makes you unique. And being unique is being beautiful. So head up girls and boys and cheers to the one and only life given to us. You on this planet have a reason to live. So feel happy and blessed for what you have.


Be pretty like you,

You don’t need to be pretty like them


When you look yourself in mirror you should feel proud.

Pimples, dark circles, blackheads these are just scars. And you know what Scars are beautiful too. You inner beauty matters to the world most rather than your outer skin. People will always remember you by you nature. So wherever you go spread love.


Say to yourself daily “I am beautiful”! Feeling the beauty means increasing positive vibes.


Each and every part of your body is a creation of God. And it’s one in billion


 Article by: Sonali Garg

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